A New Warrior

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Please visit again from a computer running Flash - you won't be disappointed! Visitors can zoom into every corner of the new Greenpeace ship - the Rainbow Warrior - as it is being built. Visitors can select the object they want to buy. Prices suit all pocketbooks from forks at about $1.50 to a porthole at a little over $400, the ship’s wheel at about $670 to the main sail at around $900,000. will receive a certificate of purchase and have their names included on a dedication wall in the Rainbow Warrior's conference room.

A webcam link shows live construction of the Rainbow Warrior at Fassmer Shipyard in Bremen, Germany. The new ship is due to launch in autumn 2011, becoming the third Rainbow Warrior. The first, launched in 1978, was sunk by the French Secret Services in Auckland in 1985. The second took to sea in 1989 and is now due to retire.

The new Rainbow Warrior is the first ever purpose-built environmental campaigning vessel. It will play a key role in future campaigns, allowing Greenpeace to continue bearing witness and taking action to prevent environmental crimes around the world.

To maintain its independent voice, Greenpeace does not accept corporate or government funding. This means Greenpeace relies on support from individuals. Helping outfit the Rainbow Warrior is a gift that says ‘let's save the planet together’.